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Looking for military supplies, parade gear, first responder accessories or other items? Order a printed copy of our Glendale Parade Store catalog to enjoy a handy reference for those essentials you've been searching for. This catalog is great to have on hand when you need to order extra supplies like uniform accessories, flags or replica rifles. While many military organizations or first responder stations may enjoy having a copy on hand, it's wise for individual members to also have their own catalog for ordering extra uniform accessories or parade gear as needed. Many people find that looking at the catalog is a great supplement to our online store and makes it easier to discuss various supply options when necessary.

This catalog for Glendale Parade Store includes everything you need to be parade-ready. From our flags and flag accessories to parade gloves, covers, scarves and more, you'll be able to easily look up the items you need in this printed reference. Consider bookmarking pages you may need to return to later, such as product pages for insignia, pins, medals, ribbons and other items you'll need when it comes time to update your uniform. You'll also enjoy that our flags come in so many different options, including indoor and outdoor use flags. Our accessories such as flag poles, guidons and flag carriers also make it easier to display the flag when needed.

Don't forget about our Glendale rifles from the DrillAmerica® line as well. In our Glendale catalog, you'll find the complete lineup of replica rifles often used by Honor Guards and drill teams. These rifles are well-crafted and have the same look, feel and sound as the real thing without any of the safety issues of a live weapon. See all the specifications for easy comparison when you look through our printed catalog.

All catalog requests will be sent by First Class Mail.

NOTE: We will send one free catalog. If you would like more than one printed catalog, please call 1-800-653-5515 to place your order.

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