Garment & Gear Bags

Keep your belongings and gear conveniently stored away with this selection of bags for first responders and members of the military. Whether it’s your Army combat uniform or your Marine Corp dress blues, you’ll find the right bag for storing and transporting your attire and other gear when you shop at Glendale Parade Store. Our selection of garment and gear bags are suited to a wide variety of apparel and supplies. These bags will be used again and again, whether it’s as a parade bag to bring your gear to a special event or demonstration, or a gear bag you’ll use while you’re on active duty.

These bags can be used by those in the Army, Marine Corps, Air Force, Coast Guard or Navy for casual apparel and gear, or for more formal attire. You can use an Air Force garment bag to store your military dress for special events and occasion, for example. Many active members and veterans keep military uniform garment bags available for storing their official military dress in a safe place. The garment bag also comes in handy if you need to travel, as it will protect your uniform from dirt and damage while on the way to and from your destination. Meanwhile, gear bags offer a durable and convenient way to transport essential supplies. A popular choice is our ACU computer backpack, which is designed to safely transport laptops and other tech accessories.