Berets & Helmets

Military dress often requires some kind of cover in order to be considered complete. If you’re searching for the right military beret or helmet to complete your uniform, check out this collection from Glendale Parade Store. We offer a variety of parade helmets, drill team berets and other hats required for certain uniforms. In addition, we have the accessories you need for these important uniform pieces, such as special patches or straps. By including these things in our collection of military gear, we make it easier for members of the Armed Forces and ROTC units to be outfitted for celebrations, memorials, exhibitions, parades and other important events.

Our selection of military helmets and berets includes several styles and colors. You’ll find different designs as well, such as Armed Forces berets and commando berets, which have different silhouettes. Many of these covers are available in multiple styles based on color options and various features, such as badge stays, linings or stiffeners. But regardless of which product you order, you’ll receive a high-quality military parade helmet or beret that’s been carefully crafted to be long-lasting while also meeting military standards.