Gloves & Scarves

Create a stylish and sharp look for any special event when you use these gloves and bib scarves to complete your military uniform. At Glendale Parade Store, we’re proud to offer a great selection of high-quality gloves and scarves that can be worn with official military dress. Unlike many other online retailers, we don’t just offer one or two types of accessories. Instead, you’ll find a huge selection of gloves, scarves and other essentials, all available in a variety of sizes, styles, materials and colors to suit your needs. Just find the product that works for you, then choose from a number of customization option to get a perfect match for your military dress.

Some of our most popular gloves at Glendale Parade Store are made with our stretch poly material. This comfortable and lightweight fabric is a great option because they’re easy to keep clean and come in a wide range of colors. Besides these basic gloves, however, we offer a wide range of specialty gloves, including sizes for men, women and children. Our snap military gloves, leather drummer’s gloves, honor guard gloves and fleece-lined gloves are just a few examples. Another popular choice are Sure-Grip parade gloves, which feature rubber dots that make it easier to hold onto drill rifles, flag poles, banners and other displays.