Shoes & Accessories

Finding the shoe accessories that you need is easy when you shop at Glendale Parade Store. Our selection of shoe essentials for military and first responder uniforms includes everything you need to look sharp for all those important occasions. From regular duty to important ceremonies, we have a variety of items to complement your casual and formal uniforms or military dress. It’s never been easier to find those rare items that are specifically intended for military members, firefighters, police officers and other first responders.

If you need shoes for your formal military or first responder uniform, you can start your search right here. Our selection includes traditional Oxfords that can be worn as high-gloss military dress shoes. You can also wear these as high-gloss uniform shoes if you’re a firefighter or police officer. When it comes to high-gloss parade boots, be sure to get some of our black polish to make sure that your footwear gleams with a clean, bright finish before the start of any important ceremony, public demonstration or parade. We also have leather conditioners and cleaners to help keep your uniform shoes in excellent condition for years to come.