Armed Forces Flags (including new Space Force flags)

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All military flags are made of quality spun polyester or nylon and printed.

All five branches of service are represented here. Outdoor flags come with canvas heading and grommets for use on an outdoor flagpole. Indoor/parade flags come with or without fringe, but all with pole hem to slip over an indoor pole.

Nylon: This high-quality nylon exceeds stringent U.S. Government specifications. Nylon is the most popular flag material and offers both durability and beauty. Outdoor flags have strong canvas headings and brass grommets. Indoor flags are finished with flannel-lined pole hems, Velcro® tabs, and golden yellow rayon fringe. Polyester:The two-ply spun polyester fabric of the 3'x5' and 4'x6' outdoor flags has greater wind resistance than nylon.

•A single seal flag is correct on one side; reverse on the other.
•A double seal flag reads correctly on both sides. Double seal flags 4-1/3' x 5-1/2' and larger will have the branch of service seal appliqued onto the larger background.

The Army and Marine Corps flags use the gold Army spear; Air Force, the silver Army spear; Navy and Coast Guard, the gold battalion lance (battle ax).

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