Glendale X Drill Dojo

Feb 8th 2024

Dear Drill Community,

Today, I have an exciting announcement! The Drill Dojo has officially become a subsidiary of Glendale Parade Store! What does this mean for users? Honestly, not much. After a few transitionary hiccups, the Drill Dojo will continue to provide excellent service to the drill community with me at the helm. Over the long run, however, investments by Glendale will allow the Drill Dojo to serve more drillers than ever!

I thank everyone who has participated in the Dojo for their efforts. Education is only as good as the student body, and I have been blessed to have you all as students of the Dojo. I look forward to an incredible drill season and am excited for this new era of the Drill Dojo! If you have any questions, please reach out to me at

Very Respectfully,
Adam Jeup
9th Degree Black Sling
Founder & Head of the Drill Dojo

The collaboration will offer exclusive products, expert tips and tricks, and expanded resources to provide unparalleled support and resources to the drilling community. With this alliance, you can expect a synergy of expertise and innovation!