Button Loop Cord: One Color

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Bright cord in any one color, button loop.

This single color bright shoulder cord comes with a button loop. This cord can be custom-made with a wrapped pin attachment for uniforms without buttons or epaulets. It comes in dozens of colors, including metallic.

To wear a cord with a button loop, simply unbutton the epaulette, secure the cord's loop around the button and refasten the epaulette as normal. If you're attaching the cord with a pin, be sure to carefully align the pin on top of the shoulder just inside the outer edge where the sleeve begins. Secure the cord ensuring that most of the pin has been pushed through the material for a secure hold.

As with all military uniform accessories, be sure to review your uniform regulations. Each uniformed service has specific regulations governing the wear of awards and decorations. Refer to these regulations carefully to ensure that you select an appropriate shoulder cord.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to differences in computer monitors and settings, these swatch colors are approximate. We will gladly mail you a color swatch at no charge. Call 800-653-5515 or email us at customerservice@glendale.com.

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