DrillAmerica® Masters Level MAS1 Replica Rifle, Wt. 5LBS

MAS1 Rifles
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Our new Masters Level MAS1 was designed to meet the needs of championship drillers. The keys are nearly one pound heavier than the traditional MK1 with a solid, longer barrel and chromed metal receiver for outstanding balance. Also includes non-functional metal bolt and stronger front band and hardware of Glendale's more expensive DA1903 and M1000 replica rifles.

The DrillAmerica® Masters Level MAS1 replica rifle from Glendale Parade Store is the replica rifle of choice for championship drillers. With its realistic look, feel and sound, it also makes an excellent parade replica rifle for all kinds of special events, celebrations and demonstrations. The DrillAmerica® Masters Level MAS1 is a complete replica, so it features the actual parts of the real thing without any of the potential hazards of a live weapon. It can be used safely by individuals of all ages because it does not fire.

The Masters Level MAS1 replica features the durability and balance of a top-notch replica rifle. It also includes the stronger front band and hardware of Glendale's more expensive DA1903 and M1000 replica rifles. The Masters Level MAS1 features an intermediate heft that's between our standard MK1 and the DA1903 in terms of weight, handling and balance. As a lightweight facsimile rifle, it's a great fit for younger cadets who may not be ready for the fully weighted 8.5-lb. replica rifle.

Please note: Replica rifles are NOT returnable.

Before ordering a quantity of replica rifles, consider ordering a single piece to be certain it meets your requirements. If it does not, a single unused replica rifle may be returned. Replica rifles cannot be guaranteed against breakage after receipt.

All of our rifles are replicas only; they do not fire and are intended to be used for exhibition, special events or parades.

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Return Policy : Any refund of rifles will have a restocking fee of $25, the refund will not be authorized until the product has been reviewed by our team and there is proof of no use. Used items will not be allowed to be refunded. Only authorized refund is due to manufacturer error.

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