DrillAmerica® MK1 Replica Rifle, Wt. 4LBS

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Molded from a high-impact resin for greater durability. Utilizes chrome plated, non-moving parts just like the traditional Mark 1 but with the stronger front band and hardware of Glendale's more expensive DA1903 and M1000 replica rifles. Weighs 4.5 lbs and measures 40". Can be fitted with any of our leather or cotton web slings.

Make sure you're in top form for all your drill team trainings and competitions by using this DrillAmerica® MK1 Replica Rifle from Glendale Parade Store. This realistic replica rifle is just like the original but does not fire, making it a safe alternative to a live weapon. Everything from the parts and accessories to the look, sound and feel is just like a real MK1. It's molded from a high-impact resin for greater durability and utilizes chrome-plated, non-moving parts just like the traditional Mark 1.

This lightweight replica rifle features similarities to other Glendale models as well; in fact, it includes the strong front band and hardware of the DA1903 and M1000 replica rifles, both of which are more expensive. That makes the DrillAmerica® MK1 Replica Rifle a more affordable option while still delivering an incredible level of durability and performance.

Another benefit of using the 40-inch DrillAmerica® MK1 Replica Rifle is that it weighs in at about 4.3 pounds. This makes it slightly heavier than the traditional Mark 1, so it's the superior replica rifle for spinning. Those participating in exhibitions will find that it's easier to complete certain tricks with a replica rifle of this weight. In addition, the available color options allow for coordinating with drill team uniforms; the DrillAmerica® MK1 Replica Rifle may be purchased in black, brown or white.

Please note that Glendale replica rifles are not returnable. If you're planning to order multiple replica rifles, we suggest ordering a single piece for your examination to be certain it meets your requirements. If it does not, a single unused replica rifle may be returned. Replica rifles cannot be guaranteed against breakage after receipt.

All of our rifles are replicas only; they do not fire and are intended to be used for exhibition, special events or parades.

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Return Policy : Any refund of rifles will have a restocking fee of $25, the refund will not be authorized until the product has been reviewed by our team and there is proof of no use. Used items will not be allowed to be refunded. Only authorized refund is due to manufacturer error.

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