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1904 Carriers
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Single or Double harness with 2" webbing, large leather shield, adjustable straps, heavy plastic flag cup, and vinyl buckles.

When carrying a flag for parades and other special events, your arms and back can quickly get tired and sore. Using one of these web flag carriers offers an easy way to ensure that you hold your flag up comfortably throughout any event. It also ensures that first responder and military units appear more uniform in their flag displays by creating consistency across a group of flag bearers. As a result, it is often included as part of an official set of parade gear, such as Army ROTC color guard equipment.

At Glendale Parade Store, you'll find affordable prices on these comfortable flag harness. You can choose from a single (shoulders only) or double (shoulders and waist) harness in black or white. Each harness features 2-inch webbing, a large leather shield, vinyl buckles and a heavy plastic flag cup. Regular and XL harnesses (regular size plus 5 inches) are available, both of which feature straps that can be adjusted for a custom fit. Order a flag carrier from Glendale Parade Store to help you represent your unit with pride at any event.