Custom Web Flag Carriers

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1902 Carriers
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Single or Double harness with 2" black or white webbing, large shield, adjustable strap, polished brass or nickel flag cup, and matching vinyl buckles.

Carry your flag with ease with custom web flag carriers. These carriers allow you to select the features that are most comfortable for you. Choose between a single or double harness to suit your support needs. These carriers feature 2-inch webbing available in black or white, a large shield and adjustable straps with matching vinyl buckles. The flag cup is available in polished brass or nickel. Two size options are available: regular and extra-large.

We know it's a great honor for any cadet, veteran or active service member to carry the flag while marching in a parade or participating in a military competition. Don't let muscle strain distract you from these important events. Our simple, yet comfortable carriers help support you while you support our armed forces. Plus, carriers help to stabilize flags for better display and performance in competition.

Glendale Parade Store carries a large assortment of flag carriers, flag poles and flags for a variety of applications whether it's as part of a parade, while participating in a competition, as a special observance or for other events with a military presence. We have everything you need to be parade ready.

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